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Civil Twilight times for today:

Morning Civil Twilight (MCT) and Evening Civil Twilight (ECT) are the times that air traffic (also road and sea traffic) switch between daytime and nighttime rules. They are defined as the time when the Sun is six degrees below the horizon at a particular location.

The times below are recalculated each day to the nearest minute of local time, for the Latitude / Longitude of each airfield. They will not precisely match the AIP times which are rounded as to location and day of year.

The 'VFR Daylight' is the elapsed time fom MCT to ECT.

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------------------ North Island -------------------

NZKT, Kaitaia, Lat-35.06, Long 173.28
MCT 05:36, ECT 21:09, VFR Daylight 15h 33m

NZWR, Whangarei, Lat-35.76, Long 174.36
MCT 05:29, ECT 21:08, VFR Daylight 15h 39m

NZPI, West Auck Parakai, Lt-36.65, Ln 174.43
MCT 05:26, ECT 21:10, VFR Daylight 15h 44m

NZGS, Gisborne, Lat-38.66, Long 177.98
MCT 05:04, ECT 21:04, VFR Daylight 16h 0m

NZAP, Taupo, Lat-38.73, Long 176.08
MCT 05:12, ECT 21:11, VFR Daylight 15h 59m

NZNP, New Plymouth, Lat-39.02, Long 174.18
MCT 05:18, ECT 21:20, VFR Daylight 16h 2m

NZWN, Wellington, Lat-41.33, Long 174.8
MCT 05:06, ECT 21:27, VFR Daylight 16h 21m

------------------ South Island -------------------

NZNS, Nelson, Lat-41.3, Long 173.22
MCT 05:13, ECT 21:33, VFR Daylight 16h 20m

NZCH, Christchurch, Lat-43.48, Long 172.53
MCT 05:06, ECT 21:46, VFR Daylight 16h 40m

NZMF, Milford Sound, Lat-44.66, Long 167.92
MCT 05:18, ECT 22:10, VFR Daylight 16h 52m

NZDN, Dunedin, Lat-45.93, Long 170.2
MCT 05:03, ECT 22:08, VFR Daylight 17h 5m

------------------ Stewart Island -----------------

NZRC, Ryans Creek, Lat-46.92, Long 168.12
MCT 05:05, ECT 22:22, VFR Daylight 17h 17m

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